Thursday, August 28, 2014

If you do not have pistols, go to a box.  No kipping pull-ups? Go ring rows.  
10 pistols
10 ring rows (controlled tempo)
7 hang power clean  
rest 60 sec.
5 sets

 Complete for time:
80 Alternating Pistols
28 Pull-ups/C2B Pull-ups
20 115/175# Hang Power Cleans
The final workout is for the top 12 teams, in both female and male divisions. Athletes will share the work in sets; pistols are shared by sets of 8, Pull-ups are shared by sets of 7, and power cleans are shared by sets of 5. Each partner must finish their set of reps before other partner can rotate in. Once all work is complete, and both partners cross the finish line, the time is stopped.
Scoring: total time to complete. 13min time cap (for every rep that is not completed within the time cap, 1 second will be added to the teams time). 
Alternating Pistol: Athlete must stand on one foot with other leg at full extension (knee locked out), then must come to a full depth one-legged squat on standing leg (crease of hip below the top of the knee) and return to full extension with control, and without other leg touching the ground. Each rep must be alternated between legs and must be successful before being credited with any other successful attempts on the other leg. Athlete may hold foot if they wish. Pistols will be done on lane mat.
Pull-Up/C2B Pull-up: The pull-up must be started with arms at full extension (elbows straight) hanging from the bar without their feet touching the floor and finished with chin clearly passing the horizontal plane of the bar. For the Chest-to-Bar Pull-up any part of their body below their clavicle must touch the bar (shoulders do not count). Any type of pull-up is permitted (strict, kipping, butterfly). No optional band will be given.
Hang Power Clean: Athlete will start the movement with the bar at their hips. They then can slide the bar as far as they want down their thighs as long as it does not pass below their knee cap, then bring the bar to their shoulders and stand in full extension (shoulders, hips, and knees in one straight line) with the elbows in front of the vertical line of the bar. Any type of clean is permitted (squat, power, split. Etc) as long as the standards are met.