Monday, July 21, 2014

In warm up please include the following:
A1. advanced: false grip kipping on rings  x 5 swings x 3 sets
Intermediate: 5-10 sec static false grip hold x 3 sets
Beginner - 30 sec passive hang from bars x 3 sets
A2. step behind

A1. Front Squats - Poliquin 4 %
Beginners @ 32x2 x 4 sets
Advanced @ 30x1 x 4 sets

A2. Strict Pulling
Beginners: 5 sec iso hold followed by 20 sec plus 5 sec in arch scap pulling x 1 rep x4 sets (if this is easy, do them weighted)
Intermediate: either false grip ring pulls ups @ 31x1 x 3-5 reps or 2-5 chin ups or pull ups @ 31x1 x 4 sets
Intermediate 2: 1.1 eccentric muscle up with 5 sec iso hold in transition x 4 sets
Advanced: 3-5 strict muscle ups (if you can only do 2 strict muscle ups, be sure to use a spot and do 5 reps x 4 sets (NO PRESS OUT AS YOU HAVE RING DIPS IN PART B).

Rest 60 seconds between movements

B. AMRAP in 6 minutes:
power cleans x 5 115/155 lbs
ring dips x 4/8
burpees x 15