Acrobatics Class at Flux

Hello Fluxers ! 

I just wanted to mention a few things about the acrobatics class.  We are a beginner acrobatics class ! You do not need any prior experience in acrobatics to come and try it out. We have progressions for all levels so there will always be an option or progression that will work for you. My first priority in a class like this is your safety. I think that when people hear "acrobatics" the first thing that comes to mind is visions of really advanced acrobatic moves. We aren't going to be doing those super advanced moves or making anyone do those  ( unless you are ready for it). So keep that in mind and come and try it out sometime if you are at all curious.  

We are currently working on forward rolls, backwards rolls, side rolls, capoeira cartwheels, break falling, spinal mobility, hand walking, helicoptero, vaulting, bridge entries from standing, au cortados, and au batidos. It is tons of fun !  Feel free to stop by and observe a class anytime to see what we are up to! 

- Coach Mieka