Wednesday, June 10, 2014

Coaches -
go through some tall muscle cleans, high hang power cleans and hang power cleans.
For the jerk - do some behind the neck jerks and make sure you cover both power and split jerks.

FLOOR WORK -please also include the pike drill (20 reps)  as well as plow with walk out (10 reps).

A. For Time:

30  Clean and Jerks 95/135 lbs

The original Grace simply calls for a clean and jerk but most people do it as a power clean.

To do this prescribed you need a 1RM of 125 lbs or 165 lbs.

Be smart with this one. The point is to be efficient in your movement, not to kill your previous time.

B. Rolling drills (pike, straddle, butterfly) followed by fetal position to starfish to plow to fetal position.