Programming for the next 7 weeks

Hi folks,
I just wanted to send you a quick update on the recent changes to the Flux CrossFit - School of Human Movement Programming and what you can expect in the next few weeks.

We have recently switched from a 4 week block to an 11 week program.

For the last 4 weeks we have been hammering the upper body pushing strength using the following movements: HSPU, strict  Pull ups, push ups and Strict Ring Dips and a bit of work on strict muscle ups.  Most of you  have been performing high volume in terms of reps as well as a great deal of time under tension (tempo). Some of the more advanced folks have been doing less volume and higher intensity (ie. weighted pull ups).  We will be following this program for the Upper Body for  two more weeks.  Following this, we will then switch to three weeks of skill work. This means a transition will be made from strict hspu and pull ups to kipping, strict muscle ups to more kipping muscle ups. Some of this skill work will be combined with other movements so that you can perform it when fatigued. We will go into a maintenance phase on the strength element of these movements (ie. Strict work).

As for our Poliquin 4% prescription on lower body pushing, we will be transitioning after two more weeks, to an increase in intensity and a decrease in volume. This means less reps and less time under tension.  Beginners, however, will continue with higher volume and more time under tension. You can also expect to see a bit more olympic lifting in the aerobic energy system training sessions. This of course, is to be done very carefully giving full respect to the complexity of the olympic lifts and always focusing on the integrity of the movement.

The last two weeks of this program will emphasize testing.  You can expect to see some of the CF bench marks at this time - Fran, Grace, Helen, Amanda, Dianne.