Thursday, April 24, 2014

A. Back Squats
Session 1-6 x 4 sets @ 32x2 (We are doing 2 full cycles of this prescription).

B. Advanced:
Every 90 sec do:
15 double unders
1-5 kipping hspu (Feet must be in contact with the wall at full lock out).
7 sets

Intermediate:  This is you if you do not have a kipping hspu but you do have 10 perfect push ups.
Downward dog x 2 reps (make them a bit harder than usual, ie, pull feet off the floor if you can).
7 stes

Beginner: If you do not have 10 push ups, but you have some, do 2-8 reps.

For Double Unders:
Reduce reps or do 60 single unders.
Should be unbroken.