Saturday, April 12, 2014

A1. High Clean Pulls
5, 5, 5, 5
Advanced: Your first set should be at your max clean. Go up 5-10 lbs on each subsequent set.
Intermediate and Beginner: Take your 3 or 5 rep max and start there, adding 5-10 lbs on each subsequent set.  

 A2. Back to Wall HSPU (strict) - same as Monday
Advanced: add height to hands x 4-5 reps @ 31x1 x 5 sets
Intermediate 1: to floor 4-5 reps @ 31x1 x 5 sets
Intermediate 2: add height, but no more than 2 x 15 lb plates.
Beginner: downward dog hspu (more advanced should pull feet off the floor) x 5 reps@ 51x1

NOTE: The HSPU are the EXACT SAME as Monday. Don't get ahead of yourself and try and increase the intensity. Follow the TEMPO and the rep scheme. If you do this now, the intensity that will follow in a few weeks will pay off.  

Rest 60 sec.

B. 45 sec of kipping muscle ups
rest 30 sec
45 sec burpees
rest 30 sec
45 sec OHS 65/95 lbs
rest 30 sec
5 sets 

NOTE: no kipping muscle up but you have deep ring dips and chest to bar strict pull ups? do 3 mu with a band (this should be well below sub max)
No deep ring dip? bar dips or if you have a solid 10 sec NEUTRAL grip on the rings, do banded ring dips (again, sub max, so shoot for 5 reps).
No bar dip? Do push ups