Wednesday, March 5, 2014

 10 minutes of joint prep.

A1. 10 burpees at 60% intensity
Zero seconds rest
A2. 30 double unders
3 sets

With an empty barbell: 10 hang jumps, 10 tall muscle cleans x 2 sets.  With the hang jumps, work on keeping your arms straight as you jump and hitting the bar off your thigh. For the tall muscle cleans, work on pulling with your arms to get yourself under the bar. Do some the wrong way and the right way to feel the difference. What is the wrong way? You will receive the bar with low elbows.  

 A.  AMRAP in 5 minutes:
      Hang Power cleans x 7   85/135 lbs
      Double Unders x 30
Rest 10 minutes.


B. Cuban rotations@ 3131
warm up set of 12 reps, followed by 8, 8, 8