Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rest Day for Those Participating in the Open

A. Kipping Tutorial for those who need it. 10 minutes. Note- in order to work on your kip, you need a minimum of a 30 sec eccentric chin up.

B. If you don't need the practice, do:
Tabata Toes to Bar x 20 sec of work and 10 sec of rest x 8 sets. 

B. If you are more intermediate and you need more volume, do:
60 sec toes to bar
rest 60 sec
5 sets

B. If you are not close to a toes to bar, please do: 5 stall bar skin the cats x 5 sets; rest 60 sec. 

B.  4 Rounds for Time:
     OHS x 10  85/125 lbs
     KB Swings x 12  35/55 lbs