Monday, March 31, 2014

A. Front Squat - Session 1-6
Note: If you are on Session 4 of your front squats, decrease the weight by 4% BUT take the reps back up to 6. This means you should be using the load that you used for session 2.
Advanced @ 30x2
Beginners: @ 32x2
4 sets 

B. Every 90 sec for 7 sets:
1-5 strict chin ups or pull ups
15 sec ring support hold
7 burpees
7 sets

Note: IF you have a 30 sec eccentric but no chin up, you may use a band. However, you MUST do 4 reps @ 31x1 each set.
If you do not have a 30 sec eccentric, and you can't hold yourself over the bar for 10 sec, please do 5 ring rows @ 31x1

For the support hold:
you may also use a band. I want a nice turn out, no piking and look straight ahead.
If the ring dip support hold is too challenging, please do a support hold on rings in push up position or on the floor.