Monday, March 3, 2014

Rolling warm up in this order - pike, butterfly, split, squat, pistol
5 min of shoulder prep - coach's choice
A1. 5 bridge wall walks x 2 sets
A2. 5 straddle ups x 2 sets

 A. 30 sec AMRAP Split Jumps
     30 sec rest
     30 sec AMRAP kipping muscle ups
     30 sec rest
     30 sec AMRAP Kettlebell Snatch  35/55 lbs
     rest 30 sec
     6 sets 

Substitute muscle ups in this order with banded muscle ups, ring dips, bar dips, push ups
Snatch - First round left hand, second round right hand, and so on.

Beginners or people with knee instability- stationary lunges
KB High Pulls if the technique isn't quite there yet.
Beginners should be on the same clock but slow it down to ensure perfect execution.