April Class Schedule - Adding More Classes

Hello Fluxers! Happy Spring!

Based on your feedback we are making some important and exciting changes to the class schedule starting April 1st.

We are adding in more WODs to accommodate our new CrossFit competition stream and opening up more spots in our popular classes on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Here is what will change beginning next week on April 1st:

Sunday and Monday:  no changes

Momo at 4:15pm will move to McTavish gym
Acrobatics will change to 5:15pm at McTavish gym
The 6:15pm WOD will increase in numbers at the 13th Ave Gym

Wednesday: no changes

Thursday: Please note the 15 minute shift in schedule to accommodate athletes' work schedules
addition of a WOD at 4:30pm
5:30pm WOD
6:30pm Flux Kids at 13th / Momo at McTavish
7:30pm Gymnastics at 13th
8:30pm WOD

addition of a WOD at 6:15pm
Flux House Blend changes to 7:15pm
Open Gym changes to 8:30pm

All classes will be held at 13th Ave and have more spaces available with additional coaches
9-10am MoMo
10-11am WOD
11am-12pm Just Mobility
12-1pm Gymnastics
1-2pm Open Gym
2-3pm addition of WOD

Soon we should be able to open up our climbing classes again! 

And for a little more motivation here are 2 short videos showing off some of the skills that we have been working on in our Sunday Flux Monkeys and our Flux Porch Pups/ Big Dawgs' classes. Can you imagine what kind of awesome Flux movers these kids will be in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years?!

Thanks again for all of your feedback!
Coach Darci and Coach Charity