Wednesday, February 12, 2016

A. Pulling
Advanced:  Please do AMRAP kipping muscle ups in either 60 or 120 sec.  If you have more than 5 in a row, please do 60 sec clock x 4 sets; Same rest period of  3 min. 

INTERMEDIATE:  Please do AMRAP Kipping Chest to Bar pull ups/chin ups  or chin over vertical plane, in either 60 sec or 120 sec x 4 sets.   Same rest period of 3 min

Beginner: Do you have a 30 sec eccentric, but not a strict chin up or kipping chin up? If so, do AMRAP kipping pull ups with a band in 120 sec. x 4 sets; Same rest period of 2 minutes.

No eccentric chin up?
5 ring rows @ 31x3 x 4 sets; rest 90 sec.

B.  Rowing x 21 calories
      DB Cleans x 12 35/55 lbs
      burpees x 15
      Rest 2 minutes
      4 sets