Monday, Dec 23, 2013

A. Bulgarian Split Squats x 10 x 4 sets; rest 90 sec.

B. AMRAP in 2 minutes:
5 cleans into thruster 85/135 lbs
20 double unders

Rest exactly 1 minute

AMRAP calorie row in 1 minute.

Rest exactly 2 minutes

4 sets

NOTE: Each time the bar must go to the floor and be cleaned.
Adv should go right into a full clean. Beginners can do a power clean followed by a thruster.

Reduce double unders if you cannot do unbroken.  

Beginners: Not for Time
Do 5 hang power cleans to thuster
30 single unders
3 sets

rest 2 minutes.

Row 60 sec @ 75 % intensity

rest 2 minutes

3 sets