December 29, 2013

A. Squat 4-5  @ 02x2
Rest 2 minutes
At least 3 warm up sets.  If you hit 5 reps, go up in weight. If you do 4 reps, stay at the same weight. 
Beginners: tempo @ 22x2

B. On a 90 second clock:
12 power snatch 65/95 lbs
25 double unders
Rest 3 minutes
4 sets

Intermediate, use a 2 minute clock. If you do not have a kipping hspu, please do downward dog, pulling feet off the floor if possible.  

Snatches and double unders should be unbroken on at least the first round. 

7 hang power snatches
rest 30 sec.
50 double unders
7 downward dog hspu
rest 2 minutes
4 sets