Wednesday, Oct 16, 2013

Warm Up:
wrist and shoulder prep (5 minutes)
role x 2 lengths
shubule x 2 lengths Or repeat role
step behind x 2 lengths
brachiation (5 minutes) Use this time to also figure out Toes to Bar progressions.

FrostFit competitors: come to lifting only.

A. Power Snatch 65/95 lbs x AMRAP in 30 sec
     Rest 60 sec.
     Toes to Bar x AMRAP in 30 sec
     Rest 60 sec.
     Back Squat x AMRAP in 30 sec. (rack bar behind neck before time starts. Must clean from floor)   65/95 lbs
     Rest 60 sec.
     6 sets

NOTE: for T2B today, no progressions on the stall bars please. Some ideas: scap arch pullings, knees to chest. Whatever you choose, I want to see scapular activation.
Beginners might want to do either muscle power snatch from hang or hang power snatch
Beginners: your coach will prescribe a certain rep scheme for you. Keep the 60 sec of rest.