Tuesday, October 15, 2013

NOTE: Students, be sure to come in with an idea of your rep scheme and weight for this workout. Time will be tight but it is entirely possible to finish this if you come prepared.

Warm up
Please keep the warm up to 10 minutes and commit 5 minute to the clean and jerk.

A. For Time:

8 clean and jerk 95/135 lbs (solid and efficient. If it is ugly, expect to be asked to take the weight down).
8/12 chest to bar kipping pull-ups
25 double unders
12 burpees
Walk rest for 6 minutes
5 sets

- to do this advanced you must be able to do your first round unbroken. If you take over 4 minutes be sure to change reps/weight.
-If chest to bar is too difficult, do chin over vertical plane.
-You may use a band for kipping pull ups IF you have a 30 sec eccentric chin up.  If you do not, please do 7 ring rows. No tempo, but rings must touch chest. Chair position only if necessary.

8 clean and jerk
rest 30 sec. 
5 ring rows
rest 30 sec
20 single unders
rest 30 sec.
5 burpees
Rest 60 sec
3 sets