Thursday, October 17, 2013

Warm Up
shenobi and brachiation
Rolling warm up - straddle, butterfly, squat, pistol, etc.
If you have had a desk job for many years and have had little to no experience putting any sort of pressure on your neck, use your arms to stabilize you.  Do not avoid the movement altogether.  

For the deadlifts, please do at least 4 warm up sets of 5 reps before you hit your working weight.  

A.  5 Deadlifts  215/325
      Zero Seconds Rest
      On a 2 minute clock:
      5/7 Kipping HSPU (may do downward dog as well)
      7 Box Jumps 20/24"
      Rest 4 minutes
      5 sets

Beginners: After your deadlifts, please do:
7 downward dog hspu
rest 15 sec. 
7 box jumps or step ups
rest 60 sec.
4 sets