Sunday, Oct 13, 2013

A. Rope Climbs
Beginners: 1.1.1 x 3 sets (bodyline. Try not to let your hips touch the floor after each rep. Tight back.  If possible, do not bend knees. x 3 sets
Intermediate: 1-2 reps Use feet x 3 sets
Advanced 1: arms only straddle x 1-2 reps. Or, eccentric straddles 1.1.1 x 3 sets
Advanced: inverse grip x 1 rep x 3 sets
2-3 min rest

B.  KB Swings x 12
      KB Cleans x 12 (Alternate arms = 6 per arm. Make sure the KB pauses at the top and sits squarely on the   shoulder. KB must touch floor on each rep).
       Zero Seconds Rest
     12 Box Jumps As Fast as Possible
      Rest 3 min
     5 sets 
Kettlebell weight 35/55 lbs