Reminder - Dr Shannon Hayes Speaking at Flux, Saturday, Oct 19, 2013

 I highly encourage you to purchase your tickets for the first event in our Entangled Animal Speaker's Series, featuring: Dr. Shannon Hayes, PhD. in sustainable agriculture from Cornell University.

What is unique to all human animals?  It is part of the universal condition that 1: as newborns we are completely helpless and entirely dependent on others; 2. we all require shelter, and three: we must all eat to live.  We know we can live on a poor diet that is void of nutrients, but suffice to say that most of us would like ourselves and our children to thrive - emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Why The Entangled Animal Speaker's Series?
Well, originally I wanted to call it the Anarchist Animal Speaker's Series, but Charity put her foot down.   Every human on this planet is, whether we want to be or not, hopelessly entangled in both the lives of others, but also the environment.  What do I mean by this?

 I can think of no other human activity that entangles us more in both our local and global economy than the food choices we meet. The easiest example is to take a quick look at the sticker on the apple, banana, or orange you are eating. Chances are, that simple piece of fruit has been on a long journey that required fossil fuel for his transport, people power for its harvesting, corporations for its management, geneticists who designed a "superior" product, chemists and chemistry labs researching the best pesticides, potash plants for its fertilizer. The list goes on and on.  That small, seemingly inconsequential act of biting into a piece of fruit, as you can see, positions everyone of us in an intricate web of relationships and practices. 

Radical changes in the way we live begin in the kitchen. In her book, "Long Way on a Little," Shannon writes: "I am asking you to change your life. Admittedly, that statement may see a tad ambitious for a cookbook. After all, this volume was marketed to you as a collection of recipes, not a self-help book. But as far as I am concerned a cookbook, done well, is the ultimate self-help book. It presents a theory for engaging with the most fundamental need in life, food..."

You can purchase tickets from any one of our coaches.
Note: You may attend all of the lectures, or just one or two.  Below is a description of her lectures.

Real Cows in a Parallel Universe:
This is an inspirational/ motivational talk that draws on sustainable farming sensibilities and lighthearted story telling as a way to explore how we can move from an extractive economy to a life serving economy. The subject matter is quite wide, exploring everything from fear and aging to food, growing practices, health crises and healthcare. The content is heavy, but the tone is gentle, tender, and often light-hearted. 45-50 min.
Starting at 1:00pm.

Long Way on a Little:
This program is based on the work from Shannon’s latest cookbook, Long Way on a Little: An Earth Lover’s Companion for Enjoying Meat, Pinching Pennies and Living Deliciously. This program teaches about stretching meat dollars as far as possible through the use of under-utilized resources such as bones and fat, and it examines the basic principles for a low-carbon, meatbased diet from the little-understood viewpoint of nutrient density and blood sugar control. Essentially, when we address nutrient density and minimize our bodies’ demands for insulin, we minimize our hunger, and greatly reduce our food intake, thereby minimizing our ecological impact. In addition to covering basic theory, we’ll spend time learning the basic (and easy) culinary skills required to put theory into action, from making broth and rendering fat, to putting together easy soups, casseroles and stir fries. Lecture time is 45-50 minutes.
Starting at 2:30pm.

Unraveling Consumerism:
Blending her characteristic story telling, unique farm humor, and her uncanny knack for stirring up trouble, Hayes examines the history of consumerism in America, how it played out in the household, the effects it has had on our food system and culture, and how we can recover our households, our communities, our ecosystem and our country. Like much of Hayes’ work, this talk is characteristically controversial, and is likely to stir up debate as well as inspire action, even among those who disagree. Lecture time 45-50 minutes.
Starting at 4:15pm.

$20 each lecture or $50 for the day.