Friday, October 18, 2013

Warm Up
Wall Flirt
wrist  and shoulder prep
pen game from Jozef
low gate warm up work

A. For Time:
Power Clean to Thruster - AMRAP in 60 sec. 65/95 lbs

Rest  2 minutes

3 Rounds for Time:
5/10 strict pull ups or chin ups
15 Kettlebell Swings 50/70 lbs

Rest 2 minutes

Power Clean to Thruster - AMRAP in 60 sec 65/95 lbs

7 ring rows @ 31x3
15 Kettlebell Swings
3 rounds
for time

What's the Flux standard on chin ups and pull -ups? Obviously no kip. The bar MUST make contact with the body. Ideally, this happens at the chest, but start with the neck.  To do this, you must have the strength to roll the shoulders back at the top of the pull - ie. full retraction!

Read Ido's description and instruction on the perfect pull up below.  

Strength Tip Number 3 - The Perfect Pull Up - by Ido Portal

August 30, 2011 at 8:54am
Few people are really capable of doing a real Pull Up - using complete Lat recruitment.
Most will pull towards the bar, only reaching over it with their chins.
Some will be able to touch their chest to the bar, but will do so with rounded shoulders at the top - relying on their subscapularis - a habit that will eventually lead to shoulder issues.
Many do not fully depress shoulder blades nor do they retract it before pulling up - a habit that will lead to injury.

The real pull up is very difficult to master:
1. Start in a slightly wider than shoulder width grip. From a complete hang with shoulder blades elevated, while maintaining locked elbows, depress shoulder blades down and retract them together. Your head should elevate between your shoulders as the lats and scap retractors will 'engage'.
2. From the position achieved in stage 1 start to pull up by thinking of bringing elbows to your sides. Do not concentrate on the upper arms. You should also avoid concentrating on the load - as research shows one should concentrate on the working muscles in order to achieve optimal activation, even if you are not interested in body building - this is an essential cue for you: concentrate on your lats.
3. Pull all the way up until your lower chest hits the bar with shoulder blades retracted backwards and shoulder rolled behind. The triceps of both arms should make contact with the lats and there should be a slight pause at this position for 1-3 sec. The come down will reverse the process, going down at least in 4 sec to complete hang.
4. Repeat for the required amount of reps.

Beginners, most females and generally weak people should concentrate on lat activation work first or will forever rely on their upper arms, Teres Major and Subscap for the Pull Ups and will neglect their Lat development.

Vince Gironda, who was an innovator of many training and nutrition concepts wrote many years ago this description: