Thank Your Coaches!

My coaches have been working extra hard these last few weeks as I begin the long process of healing my ACL.

Something to think about - there is no other gym in North America that requires such depth and breadth in knowledge from their coaches.  Our coaches should be applauded for the passion they hold for education. It is a rare find indeed to have coaches such as those at Flux, that feel equally at home teaching the nuances of handbalancing, front levers and their infinite progressions, to weightlifting and acrobatics, to floreio, mobility and bouldering.  And I assure you, my coaches have learned hands on from the best teachers. You would be surprised how many coaches learn movements from watching YouTube videos and reading books on such topics as mobility.

The hands-on work of studying under such highly esteemed teachers as Alex Varbanov, Dr. Spina, Ido Portal and Odelia Goldshmidt, means that you,  as a student, receive the proper prescription for your body.

Next time you are in the gym, throw your coach a thank you. They work hard and I guarantee that they take immense pleasure in your successes. And when you are stuck with a progression and frustrated,  I also know that they  will have many ideas (tricks if you will) to help you to reach your goals.

One last thing, the Flux Coaches want to mentor and teach you, not read to you. Help them by reading the blog before you come to class.  Take a few minutes to really digest the WOD, rather than simply gloss over it.