Congratulations to our BCBD Competitors

Congratulations to all that competed in the BCBD this past weekend. 

I want you to know that I was rooting for all of you from the comfort of my couch (and yes I was heavily drugged). 

I was tickled pink when Heidi told me that she and Kamara had signed up in the Brute division.  These two ladies (Team Snaxx) held their own and I think they were quite surprised when they came in 13th on one of the strength events.  Paul and Tim made it into the Top 16 in the men's Brute division. These two have taken to the CrossFit movements with relative ease and they have great engines. Richard and David, you are an inspiration to everyone. Richard has been fearless in jumping into events such as the BCBD. And David's mobility has improved so much. He didn't have much of a chance to show off his upper body strength that he has gained through our gymnastics classes... Maybe next time.  Lucas and Melissa competed in the Beast Division. What a great showing for both of them. Lucas has only been CrossFitting for a couple of months and this was Melissa's debut in the level 1 division.  I believe she came in 5th in one of the workoust with a 125 lb snatch. 

If you see these fine athletes at the gym, give them a pat on the back. For many of them, this was the very first time competing in such an event. They trained hard and put in a lot of extra gym time.