Saturday, August 10, 2013

A. AMRAP in 25 minutes:
1-2 arms only rope climb
7 push jerk/split jerk 105/155 lbs
10 shinobi (5 per side) This is a combination of a step behind and a pistol) and about 10 times more challenging than either one on its own. Don't worry, we have great progressions for this. 
10 lizard crawl steps (advanced do 1 arm)

B. 2 sets
     60 sec iso bridge
     60 sec wushu horse stance
      60 sec rear support hold (retracted)
     60 sec support hold on rings (protracted)

A note on the wushu horse stance. This is a ligament strengthening and mobility enhancing movement that we practiced at The Movement Camp.  Ido gave a brief lecture on the principles behind the Chinese martial arts practice of Wushu. The Chinese are doing some wild and crazy stuff when it comes to tendon and ligament strengthening. Scientists are now discovering an entirely new type of muscle fiber that is being created through these Wushu methodologies.  Through Wushu, the athletes are training their ligaments to act like rubber, which in turn makes the body much less vulnerable to injury.