Monday, April 8, 2013


A. Every 4 minutes x 7 sets
     3 power or full snatches and on third snatch, do 3 overhead squats plus 1-7  hspu (strict)
     Beginners @ 90% of max snatch
     Intermediate @ 80% of max snatch
     Advanced @ 70-75% of max snatch

NOTES: If you do not have a strict hspu, elevate heels or do downward dogs. NO elevated plates today. 

B. Advanced/intermediate:
3 Rounds for Time:
Muscle up (strict) x 1- 5 (if you are really close to a strict mu, get a small spot)
kipping hspu x 10
box jumps x 20 24/30"

B. Beginner 1.
3 ROunds For Time, but make sure every rep counts.
5 false grip kipping ring pull ups
1-5 ring dips No support hold. Bicep to top of ring.
box Jumps x 20 TO a height with which you are comfortable

Beginner 2
3 ROunds For TIme
5 ring rows @ 51x1 or 5 kipping pull ups
5 push ups 
box jumps to a height with which you are comfortable x 20