Friday, March 29, 2013

A1. Back Squats
Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced:
5-7 reps @ 00x1  x 4 sets; If you hit 7 reps, do up in weight; rest 30 sec.

A2. Pull ups
Beginners: 30 sec eccentric x 4 sets; rest 60 sec.
Intermediate and Advanced: AMRAP strict in 30 sec chin up or pull up x 4 sets; rest 60 sec

B. 30 sec of AMRAP push ups
       rest 30 sec.
     30 sec of AMRAP burpees
      rest 30 sec.
    30 sec of AMRAP barbell jumping squats (beginners do air squats) 65/95 lbs
     rest 2 minutes
     3 sets
On your last set, don't take your two minutes of rest. Instead, immediately do:
150 double unders for time