Additional Classes Added - starting next week!

Dear Athletes,

Happy New Year!

It seems that the everyone is back at the gym and going at it hard so we've added even more classes starting next week. There are additional WODs, WODs (babies too), Movement and Mobility, and Gymnastics classes added to the schedule. The additional classes have been added to Wednesday and Saturday. This is the new line-up:

6am WOD
7am WOD
9am WOD (babies too)
12pm WOD
3pm WOD (babies too)
4pm teens
5pm WOD
6pm Movement and Mobility (McTavish gym)
7pm Gymnastics (McTavish gym)
6-8pm Weightlifting
8pm WOD

9am WOD
10am WOD
11am Movement and Mobility
12pm Gymnastics
1pm Open Gym

It was awesome to see so many folks back at the gym this week!

Coach Darci and Charity