Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A. Pulling
Beginners: 3-5 reps of ring pull-ups with feet elevated on box. Be sure to hang for 1 solid second at top. Your coach will help you with the movement pattern.  x 5 sets

Intermediate: 2-5 reps of chin ups x 5 sets

Advanced: If you have 5 reps of 5 sets chin-ups do the advanced.
Archers - 1-3 reps per arm of pull-ups into false grip archer x 1 sec x 5 sets
More advanced: 1-3 reps per arm of archer eccentrics x 5 sets

B.  As Fast as Possible
     Kipping Pull-ups or chin ups x 20 reps
     Kettlebell Swings x 30 reps 35/55 lbs
      Box Jumps x 30  20/24"
     Kipping Pull-Ups or chin ups x 15 reps
     Kettlebell Swings x 20 reps
     Box Jumps x 20
     Kipping Pull-ups or Chin ups x 10 reps
      Kettlebell Swings x 15 reps
     Box Jumps x 15