Thursday, December 20, 2012

A. Every 45 seconds, do 2 squat cleans x 10 sets. Weight should be approximately 70-75% of your 1RM. Beginners should be around 80-90%.

B. Handbalancing
Advanced: tuck and straddle handstands. Aim for 15 sec for each handstand. Do 3 of each.
Intermediate: 5 heel taps and 5 toe taps x 3 sets; Try and hold each pull off the wall for 3 seconds.
Beginners: 15 kick up attempts followed by 2 sets of 30 sec chest to wall holds.

C. Double Unders AMRAP in 60 seconds.
Rest 30 seconds.
Shoulder taps AMRAP in 60 seconds.
Rest 30 seconds.
Toes to Bar AMRAP in 60 sec
Rest 30 seconds
3 sets