Flux CrossFit hosts Alex Varbanov Olympic Weightlifting Certification

Flux CrossFit and the Saskatchewan School of Champions Weightlifting Club are proud to announce  Olympic medalist and 10-time World Record holder, Alex Varbanov is returning to Flux CrossFit to offer a Weightlifting course and certification February 23-24, 2013.

Certification Course details:

This 2 day course is ideal for those who…
-want to improve technique/knowledge of the Olympic Lifts
-have lots of experience but want to take it to the next level
-do CrossFit and want to improve performance
-want to coach Oly Lifting for their club or CrossFit
-want/need CECs
-want to learn from a the best of the best
Alex Varbanov is a 10 time World Record holder, Olympic Medalist and World Champion 4 times over. He has spend his life in the sport, and is currently running a Weightlifting School at the Academy Of Lions in Toronto with his Wife Irina and very talented young son, Niki. Together, they bring the sport, culture, community and joy of this sport to North America, where they hope to teach the athletes, coaches, novices and youth how to excel.
The Level One Certification course is going to ensure you have the fundamental skills and understanding of the classic lifts. Many people practice Cleans, Snatches and Squats, but do not take their training further because of basic flaws in their technique and programming. The Varbanovs will help to make sure you are on the right track to hit your goals and teach you to coach others.
Day 1:
-Progression/Explanation of the SNATCH
-Bulgarian Method
-Assistance Exercises for Snatch
-Back Squats
-Training youth and amateurs
-Smart Programming
Day 2:
-Clean & Jerk Progression
-How to set a weightlifting Club? Useful tips; rules & regulations
-Assistance Exercises for C&J
-Front Squats 
-Written Test & Practical Examination
CECs (Continuing Education Credits) are available for this course.
To register go to the following link: http://varbanovschool.com/certification-courses-seminars/