Wednesday, November 14, 2012

After your warm up, work on hang squat clean for about 10 minutes.

A. Advanced: Hang squat clean ladder 10 down to 1.
See Friday, January 27, 2010 and June 8, 2011, May 28, 2012, August 3, 2012 August 28, 2012
95/135 lbs.

You must do 10 reps unbroken (ie, don't put the bar down).  Then 9 reps unbroken and so forth. You may only put the bar down after you finish a set.  

Bridge Work
B1. 5 reps of walking down the wall x 3 

B2. 5 reps shoulder openers - Make sure you are about 2 feet from the wall for this one.  Kick up into handstand and slowly open the shoulders as you come off the wall.  x 3