Thur, November 22, 2012

Coaches: After 5 minutes of upper body joint prep, do 7-10 minutes of the rolling warm up that Odelia taught us.

And Fluxers, make sure you round the back. If you don't, you will bruise your back. I guarantee it.

A1. 5 Power Cleans (Tough, not touch and go). Try and go heavier than what you lifted for the Chief.

Rest 30 sec exactly

A2. Ring Dips or Bar Dips x 1-7 @ 51x1

Rest exactly 120 sec.

A3. Either 10 heel pulls and 10 toe pulls, or;
30 sec chest to wall hold, or;
2 perfect kickups into a handstand with a 5 second hold

Rest exactly 60 sec.

4 sets

B. For Time: Ladder from 10 to 1.
KB Swing 35/55 lbs
Thrusters 55/85 lbs