November Hours/ Holiday Classes

For the next 3 weeks our Flux class schedule has changed up a bit to take into account our special beginner/ intermediate/ and advanced Gymnastics, Movement, and Mobility classes. That being said, we are still offering regular Gymnastics, Movement and Mobility classes too (just not quite so many seeing as a large percentage of you are doing these special sessions as we train with our very special guest, Odelia)!

There is also a holiday weekend and an important weightlifting competition being held during these 3 weeks. So here's the breakdown:

Over the next three weeks:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are all regular sessions

Tuesdays - regular in day - changes are:
additional WOD at 4:30pm
5:30pm beginner/intermediate session
7pm Open Gym
8-10pm advanced session

Thursday - regular in day - changes are:
5pm WOD
6pm Flux Kids
7pm Advanced sessions

Sunday - changes are (except Nov. 18th and 25th):
9am WOD
9am beginner/intermediate session at McTavish
10am Kids
11am Olympic Lifting
2pm advanced sessions

November Holiday weekend Friday, Nov. 9 to Monday, Nov. 12th
Friday, Nov. 9
9am WOD
10-4pm Advanced sessions
4-5pm Teens
5-6pm WOD

Saturday, Nov. 10
regular schedule

Sunday, Nov. 11
9am WOD
10am Flux Kids
11am Olympic Weightlifting

Monday, Nov. 12
9am WOD
10am beginner/intermediate session

Sunday, November 18th
9am WOD
10am Flux Kids - 13th
10am Movement - McTavish
11am Gymnastics - 13th
No lifting because of the weightlifting competition on Saturday, Nov. 17th at Brio in Saskatoon
2-5pm Advanced Session

As of Friday, November 23rd back on regular schedule.