Thursday, August 23, 2012

After your warm up, take 15 minute to work on power clean technique and to "grease the groove".

A. For Time:
Power Clean x 5 - These reps should be tough but manageable.  Not touch and go, but rather, do a rep, dump the bar, do a rep, dump the bar.
50 meter sled push 95/135 lbs
2-7 static pull-ups (Neck or chest must touch the bar). Your coach will explain the variations on this (retract to protract back to retract, or, more advanced, keep the retraction through the entire movement). Less Advanced use chin-up grip.

rest 5 minutes.  In your rest period do at least one 30 sec handstand in the middle of the floor or a set of heel taps and toe taps or practice kick up against the wall.

5 sets