Friday, July 20, 2012

A1. Front Squat
Beginners: 5, 5, 5 @ 20x2
Intermediate: 3, 3, 3,
Advanced: Max for one rep, then down 15 to 30 lbs x 2 reps x 3 sets

A2. Pulling
Beginners: 10 sec eccentric pull-up 1. 1. 1 x 5 sets = 15 eccentric reps in total.  This is a cluster set. You do a rep, rest 10 sec, do a rep, rest 10 sec. and do a rep, then back to A1.

Intermediate: 1-5 chin-ups or pull-ups @ 30x1, use a spotter if necessary x 5 sets

Advanced: ARCHERS - @ 30x3 x 2-3 reps per arm x 5 sets

B.  3 Rounds for Time:
     Push jerk or Push Press x 7 105/155 lbs
     25 KB Swings (Keep it Russian)! 50/70 lbs
     200 meter run

NOTES: For beginners on eccentric pull-ups. PLEASE, be sure to ask for assistance to start your pull-up with chin over bar. Demonstrate control, and slowly start your descent until your elbows are fully locked out. DON'T CHEAT! I prefer pull-up grip but if you can't control your descent, use chin-up grip.  Or, start with pull-up and as you fatigue, switch to chin-up grip.

Rest about a minute between A1 and A2.