Flux CrossFit is growing - the announcement!

Our Flux family is growing!

Flux CrossFit is gaining another new space right down the street at 3424 13th Avenue, including the lot behind the building which runs from Elphinstone to Montague!

That's right, we will be renovating the building that now holds our very own Flux athlete Kendra Cruson's Fashionologie once she closes her doors on January 31st. (FYI Kendra is transitioning into a mobile business and she is happy to be doing so!)

Come early March Flux will have 3600 sq ft between the two buildings, as well as a ton of outside room for all of our Flux programs and community initiatives!

What does this mean for Flux athletes?
First, it means more space for our WODs, Weightlifting Club, our Gymnastics/Movement program, and the Flux Kids and Flux Teen programs. Second, it also means more sessions, simultaneous classes (i.e. WODs and Kids/ Teens class so families can work out at the same time), and more "open" gym time.

The Gymnastics, Movement, and Mobility (and some Kids) classes will continue to take place in our McTavish space, and we will be installing more equipment to enhance these programs. The regular WODs, our School of Champions Weightlifting Club, the Teens Program, Individual Sessions, and Introductory/ Assessment sessions will all happen in the new space on 13th Avenue!

To add to the excitement our very own Flux athlete and RMT, Heidi Greutzner will be joining us as a resident Massage Therapist!

As you can imagine Darci and I are excited! We worked hard to find a space in the neighbourhood that aligned with our Flux mandate, including a strong commitment to growing those things that make up our Flux community! Most importantly, we want to assure all of our athletes that no matter how big or small our space is, Darci and I are committed to an elite level of coaching excellence - our coach to athlete ratio will not change!

We are proud of our Flux community and we will continue to work hard to support all of our athletes as they work towards both new and old goals in 2012!

Thank you for your ongoing support!
Charity and Darci