Friday, December 16, 2011


B. 3 Rounds
Row x 350 meters
pseudo planche push-ups x 4-10 reps
bulgarian ring pull-ups x 4-10 reps
rest 10 min.

2 sets

Beginners: pick a height at which you can do 3 reps unbroken on push-ups.
Intermediate: If you have 1 push-up, do 3 reps per set. 2 push-ups, do 6 reps. 3 push-ups, do 7 reps.
Advanced: if you can't do PPP, do 10 regular push-ups.

Beginners: 5 pull-ups with a band.
Intermediate: Same as Push-up rep scheme.
Advanced: if you can't do Bulgarian ring pull-ups, do regular pull-ups.