Holiday Hours - Friday, November 11 and the rest of the weekend

Hello Flux Athletes!

Every class but the 6am is still going on this Friday! So, come on out to a WOD before or after the Remembrance day events!

The schedule this Friday, Nov. 11th is:

7am WOD with Coach Darci
noon WOD with Coach Darci
4pm Teens with Coach Mieka
5pm WOD with Coach Mieka
6pm WOD with Coach Mieka
7pm Olympic Lifting with Coach Mieka

Hours for the rest of the weekend:

9am WOD with Coach Mieka
10am WOD with Coach Mieka
11am Open Gym with Coach Mieka

10am-Flux Kids Pups with Coach Mieka
10:45am - Flux Kids Dawgs with Coach Mieka and Coach Ariane
11:30am WOD with Coach Ariane
12:30pm Movement with Coach Mieka
1:30pm Gymnastics with Coach Mieka
2:30pm Olympic Lifting with Coach Ariane

Coach Darci, Jane, and I are all heading to Vegas this weekend to write the Level 1 CrossFit test (this is the test for those of us who received the certification prior to CF going through the accreditation process). So although it looks like we're all about the fun, really we will be working hard for you! ;-)

Have an active and safe long weekend!
Charity (and Coach Darci)