Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A. Handbalancing
Beginners: 30 sec chest to wall handstands x 4 sets; rest 1 min
Practice at least 15 kick-ups

Intermediate and Advanced: either in the middle of the floor or with a partner:
10 heel taps
10 toe taps
accumulate 60 sec of handbalancing.

B1. sprint 100 meters (start at end of alley so that your coach can give you the go ahead from home base).
rest 60 sec.

B2. muscle-ups
AMRAP in 1 min: you may kip!
rest 20 sec.

B3. 15 deadlifts @ 75 % of your 1RM, AMRAP in 1 min.
rest 60 sec.

5 sets

No Muscle-Up? Do AMRAP Kipping pull-ups in 1 min.
No Kipping Pull-up? Do AMRAP PULL-UPS in 1 min.
No Pull-UP? Do 1 concentric, rest 30 sec, 1 negative