Saturday, Oct 29, 2011

A. Pull-Ups
Beginners: 1 negative, rest 1 min x 5 sets; rest 1 min.
Intermediate: AMRAP chin-ups or pull-ups in 1 min; rest 2 min.
Advanced: false grip pull-ups, 1-5 reps x 4 sets; rest 2 min.

B. In 2-3 minutes:
Run 200 meters
15 kettlebell swings 35/50 lbs
AMRAP (ring)push-ups (must go into support position for ring push-ups at the top of each rep).
rest 2-3 min.
5 sets
advanced: on a 2 minute clock
beginners: on a 3 minute clock
Beginners: find a height at which you can do 2-3 reps at a time.