Monday, September 12, 2011

A. As promised, this week we focus on metabolic conditioning and training various energy systems. Next week the emphasis is tapering and skills. Then we go back to two weeks of strength training (CP), anaerobic alactic power/endurance and some shorter met cons.

This is OPT with some changes to the time domains.
4 sets
45 sec of touch and go clean and jerk 115/80 lbs
45 sec of box jumps 24/20 "
45 sec of KB Swings 50/35 lbs Russian
45 sec of Burpees
Rest walk 10 min between sets.

This is three minutes of HARD WORK. The ten minutes will give you plenty of time to recover. Don't hold back. Take note of how you felt during the sets.

B. In your rest period work on handbalancing.
Beginners: work on kicking up against the wall. Aim for 15 sec hold.
Intermediate: toe and heel taps
Advanced: toe and heel taps in middle of the floor with a partner. You can also work on your kick-ups and handbalancing.