Tuesday, Aug 23,2011

This is a tapering week so If you have been training four or more time/week go easy this week. Train up to three times, squatting only twice. Go for a massage and rest up.

A. Handbalancing
Beginners: 30 sec hold x 5 sets: rest 1 min
Intermediate: do 3 sets of 10 sec holds in total
Advanced: do 3 sets of 30 sec holds in total

Your partner starts the clock only when you are balanced. If your feet touch your partner the time stops. Kick up for these sets.

B1. Pull-ups
Beginner: 1 negative x 4 sets; rest 1 min
Intermediate: 1-5 pull ups or chin-ups x 4 sets; rest 1 min
Advanced: do 1-3 static muscle ups x 4 sets; rest 1 min

B2. 200 meter sprint (100 meters there and back) x 4 sets; rest 2 min.

C. Toes to bar
Beginner: 5 reps as perfect as possible x 4; rest 1 min
Advanced: amrap unbroken x 4; rest 1 min