Cool Springs Ranch Picnic and Tour next Saturday!

So many of you at Flux have made meaningful and thoughtful changes to your physical health. You are all becoming better movers, you are stronger and your food choices have changed. Why not take your food choices one step further and come out to Cool Springs Ranch to see where your food comes from? Why is this important? More and more, we are disconnected from nature and our fragile ecosystems. Visit Cool Springs Ranch and you will come to appreciate their hard work to restore Native American grassland and to polycultural farming in general.

Folks who eat a Primal diet are often a step ahead of others when it comes to thinking carefully about food choices, but I think there is room to grow. If the focus is simply to 'eat meat,' regardless of its origins, human animals severe their connection to the natural world. Humans are a part of their ecosystem; they do not exist outside of it, on a pedestal.

So come out to Cools Springs Ranch this Saturday for a barbecue and a tour. Charity, Dad and I went out for a day and we had so much fun. I really came to appreciate the science and experimentation required of folks like Sam and Janeen as well as the challenges of polycultural farming in Saskatchewan.