Sunday, June 19, 2011

A. Handstand holds
Beginners should first do bodyline drills on stomach and back. 2 sets of each, 30 sec hold.
Chest to wall 30 - 60 sec. Get your palms as close to the wall as possible. rest 2 min x 3 sets. Work with a partner.

Executed properly, chest to wall handstands will exhaust you. Treat it like a strength exercise and take your rest.

Advanced: 10 toe taps and 10 heel taps. On the last rep hold your handstand.

B. On a 7 min clock, complete the following. Your score is based on the number of toes to bar you do.

Scaling: If you have to walk for an 800 meter run, take it down to something more manageable. Keep this one anaerobic Glycolytic.

Run 800 meters
26 KB snatches 35/50 lbs (13 per arm)
AMRAP Toes To Bar