Paleo Challenge Winners!

Pale Challenge Winners!

We had a tough time making the decision about winners on this challenge - there were so many folks who were successful in improving their quality of life: more energy, better sleeps, weight loss, muscle gain, improved performance, etc.

So rather than choosing 1 winner, we picked four who stood out spectacularly - Sam Lok, Jen Hammer, Alisha Beler, and Coach Ariane Desrosiers! Below is a bit about each athlete and their success!

Sam Lok:

Weight Loss: 20lbs
PRs: 13 new PRs
Helen (challenge WOD):
April 3, 2011: 18m10secs - June 9, 2011: 13m10secs (faster by 5 mins)
Overall Feelings: Super proud of herself!

Jen Hammer
- dead lift 145lb May 18
- first ring dip April 2
- back squat 125lb May 24
- 4 static chin ups June
Helen (challenge WOD): April 13:18 - June 11:04 (improved by over 2 minutes)
Overall Feelings:
"I definitely feel better since eliminating grain and drastically decreasing sugar in my diet. I have more energy to sustain me throughout the entire day. I also feel like I can eat as much as I want as long as my meals are paleo friendly food (plus dairy). Before paleo I had to be more aware of calories and wasn't always completely satisfied after meals. Interestingly the paleo thing is easier aside from having to be very prepared, in that I feel satisfied on what seems to be an appropriate amount of calories and nutrition. For about a week I was relying on dried figs and bananas for snacks and even that was enough sugar to make me feel fatigue and brain fog by the middle of the afternoon. I certainly won't go back to eating sugary junk every day and if I ever eat bread again I'll recognize that it's junk food and prepare to feel hungover after." Jen

Alisha Beler

Weight Loss: 24 lbs
Inches Lost: 12.5 inches
push press 85->110
back squat 125x3 -> 175x3
overhead squat 62 -> 90
clean 105-> 135
deadlift 195 -> 230
Mar 30 got first pullup
Mar 28 got first conseq double unders
Helen (challenge WOD):
Apr 3 17:22 30lb kb 2 small band pull up - Jun 10 12:38 rx (just under 5 minute improvement with an increase in kb weight from 30lbs to 35lbs and 12 pull ups with no bands!)
Overall Feelings:
"In general I feel so much better, I have way more energy and sleep a lot better. I went from eating constantly during the day, including a bunch of junk and chips and pizza to now I actually eat meals and feel full. I thought the hardest thing for me was going to be giving up bread, but it turned out it was the sugar that really got to me but I persevered and only cheated a few times, minus maybe the pints of beer. But ya definitely just feel a lot better and a lot stronger." Alisha

Ariane Desrosiers
Inches Lost: 14inches in total
PRs: Ariane got her first static chin up during the Paleo Challenge
- 2 consecutive static PUs
- figuring out how to kip and get over the bar
- Squat Clean (March 11: 111 lbs, March 28: 117 lbs, April 3: 120 lbs)
- Squat Clean & Jerk 7 x 110 lbs (CrossFit Open)
Helen (challenge WOD): Ariane's "Helen" improved in time and in difficulty. She's now doing kipping pull ups rather than using bands!!!
Overall Feelings:
"Overall, I'm pretty proud of myself, I feel like I'm finally at a balanced place with my weight, the weights I can wield, and being able to wield my own weight!" Ariane

Thank you again to the following sponsors:

Cool Springs Ranch
Heidi Gruetzner (Cathedral Sports Massage Therapy)
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