Friday, June 17, 2011

A1. Press
Beginners: @ 22x2, 5, 5, 5; rest 1 min
Advanced: Build up to a 1RM, strip the bar 20-25 lbs and then do doubles and triples until you hit 20 reps

A2. Front Lever on bars
Beginners: Scap retraction on bar and elevate the chest, 10 sec hold x 4 sets
Intermediate: rounded back tuck. 10 sec hold, rest 1 min x 4 sets
Advanced: Flat tuck: If you can hold a rounded back tuck for 30 sec you are advanced. 10 sec hold, rest 1 min x 4 sets

Focus should be on the following: pressing the bar into the hips, shoulders and hips parallel to the floor, and pulling the bar apart. Remain retracted in the scaps at all times.

B. AMRAP in 5 Minutes
15 OHS x 65/95 lbs
7-10 Push-ups (should be able to do each set in 1-3 sets)
Advanced do ring push-ups with rings turned out). If you start to cheat do regular ring push-ups.
Beginners: Knee Push-ups on or off the rings
Intermediate: Ring push-ups