4 flux Athletes Competing in the Spring Fling tomorrow!

Four of our flux athletes are competing in the Spring Fling at CrossFit Regina tomorrow (Saturday).

The athletes are in level 2 Alisha, in level 1 Sandi, Charity, and Shaun!

Tomorrow they will be doing the 4 following workouts:

WOD#1 - 2 rep max of push press and cleans
WOD #2 - climbing 20 flights of stairs carrying 25lb or 45 lb sandbags
WOD #3 - 3 mins of burpee box jumps and then 3 mins of sled drags
WOD #4 - 20 front squats (95lbs, 125lbs, 185lbs), 400m run, 30 pull ups

If you get the chance come out and cheer on our flux athletes!