New Cancellation Policy at flux CrossFit


Over the past few months we have noticed a number of athletes canceling at the last minute or not even showing up for a class they're registered in. Up to this point we've let this slide with just a friendly reminder. However, with the marked increase in times that this is happening recently, we realize that the friendly reminder is not really working.

There are many reasons why it is important to cancel in a timely manner. Here are a couple:

Darci looks to see who is attending classes and then goes about individualizing the program to suit those athletes' needs and capabilities. This takes quite a bit of time and work.

And more importantly, it is about respecting your fellow flux athletes so that others have the opportunity to get in to the spot in class that you have taken up. We pride ourselves in keeping our classes capped so that our coaches can give every athlete and their workouts close attention. This means that if athletes don't cancel with enough notice, the folks on the wait list don't have time to get to the session. And, if folks just don't show up, then they have taken up a spot that could have been used by another athlete.

Our solution:

After a great deal of consideration and discussion with our coaches, we've decided to implement a new cancellation policy. Starting Sunday, March 20th the new cancellation policy is as follows:

New Policy

Any flux member who does not give 8-hours notice when canceling out of a session will be subject to a $5 charge (each time).

We appreciate that everyone has busy schedules and things do occasionally come up, however, with this policy we are trying to respect all of our flux athletes.

Thanks again for jumping on board with our new policy!

Charity (and Darci)