flux CrossFit Paleo Challenge #3 AKA Pudge Reduction!

The time has come for our next paleo challenge! We've changed up the parameters this time. Here's the scoop ...

flux CrossFit Paleo Challenge #4
Begins Tuesday, February 15th
Duration: 12 weeks

1. Food - paleo/ primal/ Weston A. Price. Try to think about where your meat is coming from - try to buy grass-fed pastured meats, raw dairy.

This time around we're also counting points for the cheats which means any kind of sugar, honey, maple syrup, etc. ("paleo treats" or not) counts as a point every time. The goal is to keep a low score here! Honour system of course! Alcohol does raise your blood sugar levels so it also counts as a cheat.

2. Performance - the final WOD (at 3 different levels) will be held during the first week of May! In the CrossFit spirit the WOD will be a surprise - announced on Sunday, May 1st. The WOD will contain at least one monostructural cardio, a weight lifting movement and a gymnastic movement. The workouts will be designed in such a way that anyone can participate.

3. Participation on the Blog (recipes, articles, support, and general comments on your performance)

4. Measurements - for those athletes whose goal is pudge reduction, we are including measurements. For those whose goal is to gain weight or not lose weight, we will count more on your performance scores.

5. Supporting your fellow athletes!

Prizes include: a pair of vibrums, a massage from Heidi, gift certificate from Cool Springs Ranch, gift certificate for a night out and much more!

6. Please sign up here if you plan on taking part.