Wednesday, Oct 12 , 2010

A1. Front Squat at a tempo of 30X0; 2-3 reps x 7 sets; rest 10 sec.
A2. Back Squat @ a tempo of 30X0; AMRAP x 7; rest 1 minute
A3. L-sit x 1 rep x 7 sets
Rest 3 min

B. Hang squat clean - work up to a 1RM quickly on the minute.

I got the idea for A1 and A2 from OPT. You will use the same weight for your front and back squat. Do your front squat. Rack the bar. Wait ten seconds. Do as many reps as possible of back squats. Rest one minute and do one L-Sit. Then wait 2 minutes and do this for 7 sets.